10 Commonest Air Conditioner Problems and Guide for 2021

10 Commonest Air Conditioner Problems and Guide for 2021

We often ignore the significance of things, especially machines when they work fine. The best examples are our cars. We tend to ignore their servicing, paperwork, etc. as long as they are providing us with their services. The concept is applicable for our AC machines too, including split air conditioners.  

We all enjoy the hot summer days as they provide much-needed fun after the conclusion of spring. They are really exciting. However, your plan for your enjoyment could go for a toss. The discomfort index is bound to rise if your working air conditioner abruptly stops all of a sudden. Won’t you feel frustrated while leaving yourself and your family members stuck in the scorching heat during the summer? You must be seeking an immediate AC repair in California

That is the primary reason why you need to know regarding the commonest challenges faced with AC units this year, that is 2021 so that you are aware of your expectations and precisely what to communicate to your contractor as well as the HVAC home insurance provider. 

So, let us analyze the top 10 commonest issues identified during air conditioning maintenance in California, as of now during the present year. 

  1. Issues Related to Fan 

The fans of your AC are expected to blow indoor air over the evaporator to cool it. There is another fan that blows through the outdoor condenser to release the heat outside. Even the fans of a mini-split AC allow the movement of air through the system, and they are an inevitable component of the appliance. A dysfunctional motor, corrupt lubricant, wear and tear casualty, and dirt can all contribute towards minimized airflow, inefficiency, as well as the collapsing of the compressor.  

  1. Issues Related to Filter  

One of the commonest issues related to any AC unit happens to be a dirty filter, which was neglected and remained abandoned for a prolonged duration of time. What you need to do is religiously adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer while frequently replacing the air filter. Unwashed filters lessen airflow and may compel many parts of the AC to freeze. 

  1. Blockage in the Drainage System 

As the AC unit gets rid of the moisture from the air, the water flows down a drain. If this part is blocked due to the accumulation of undesired particles, you will find that the water may back up inside the system. This will lead to leaks in walls and ceilings and even propelling mould growth. Hope no one wishes that to happen! 

  1. Lack of Sufficient Refrigerant 

The primary task of the refrigerant is eradicating heat and humidity from the air. Loopholes within the refrigerant delivery system minimize the effectiveness of the cooler, and as a result, the temperature is expected to fluctuate. Well, to fix this particular problem, you will require the intervention of an HVAC technician to overhaul the leaks. Remember that this process could be extremely time-consuming as well as pocket-pinching. Everything depends on the source of the leak. 

  1. Coils that Need to be Changed 

The evaporator coils are meant to push cool air into the house from the inside, as condenser coils are functional outside with the compressor. However, both can erode or become very dirty. You can clean the coils outside with a hose regularly. Without fail, feel free to call HVAC maintenance every few years else you need to search for some technician providing AC repair in Riverside. Additionally, what you can do is contemplate picking up a home warranty for the air conditioner. 

  1. Defective Compressor 

The job of a compressor is to push refrigerant through the system so that it can chill the environment around. But this compressor may corrode with its continuous use, and too much or too little refrigerant can lead to the malfunctioning of the compressor. 

  1. Exhausted Contactor 

The contractor happens to be an electrical connection situated on the blower, compressor, and condenser fan motor. If this component becomes faulty, you will find it challenging to even switch on your AC system. 

  1. Faulty Pipeline 

Ducts are supposed to carry cool air through the walls and around your indoors. The air conditioner may suffer due to leaky ducts that can happen due to the presence of rodents or because of construction accidents. It wastes the cold air and shoots up your energy bills as your AC slogs more. 

  1. Broken Thermostat 

Often, the issue isn’t the AC but the control panel. An improperly measured thermostat will lead to unpredictable behaviour of the AC. What you can do is simply reconfigure the thermostat settings or repair them if required. 

  1. Additional Components like Breakers, Fuses, and Capacitors 

Breakers and fuses shield the AC from overheating. When the motor of an AC becomes dysfunctional, the initial probing done by the contractor from your air conditioner insurance company is the breaker. Capacitors trigger motors and generate electricity to keep them operational. 


A lot of factors can lead to a broken AC unit, and repairs could be pocket-pinching. Rather than toiling with the complicated components yourself, allow the professionals to manage regular AC maintenance and repairs if common air conditioner problems take place. Lucky enough for you, 

 you need not worry about AC problems if an experienced contractor is on board. The expenses wouldn’t be a challenge either if you possess warranty coverage.  

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