10 Commonest Heating System Problems & Their Solutions

10 Commonest Heating System Problems & Their Solutions

All of us want to feel comfortable within our homes once the temperatures nose dives. You may not need to run your heating system too frequently, but you must ensure that it’s running efficiently and in good condition with the nearing of the winter months. 

That’s why it’s necessary to get your heating maintenance in California done before the weather turns chilly. Let’s identify 10 of the commonest issues you could experience with your heating system and the appropriate methods to fix them. 

  1. Parts of Your Property Not Heating Adequately 

When your house doesn’t receive uniform heat everywhere, it may cause the air filter to be dirty or there could be issues with your ductwork or the fan motor of the heating system, bearings, or belts. Replacement of your air filter is a simple solution. However, if there are issues with your ductwork or system, contact a technician. 

  1. The Heating System Doesn’t Power Off 

If the heating system continues to run and blow hot air, you initially have to check whether it’s set on “auto,” instead of “on.” By being on “auto,” your heating system will go off as it reaches its set temperature. 

If it continues to run after this step, your thermostat might be broken or wired inaccurately. It could be a problem with your heating system’s blower too. Ensure the wiring is plugged in properly in the thermostat and then reset it to the manufacturer’s settings to observe the system running. If this doesn’t work, you may require heating replacement. 

  1. Emission of A Burning Smell from the Heating System 

Once you switch your heat on for the first time in winter, there could be a burning smell as the heating system is burning away all accumulated dust and dirt since the last time you used it. 

Also, it could be due to a dirty air filter. But it could be a more serious problem if the smell persists. Switch off your heating system and unplug it quickly. After unplugging, clean any dust or dirt that has piled up and change your air filter if required. 

  1. The Heating System Doesn’t Light Or Stay Lit 

If your heater is new, it most possibly applies electronic ignition and features an intermittent pilot light, instead of a conventional pilot light. Often the sensors that ensure that gas isn’t flowing while the heater isn’t on become dirty and must be cleaned or replaced. 

  1. Cool Air Discharging Out of the Vents 

If you have a heat pump or furnace, the central heating system in your home distributes heat throughout your home through a chain of linked air ducts. Despite the possibility of leaky ducts affecting the temperature of the air released from your vents, there are a few quick solutions that need to be addressed. 

Thermostat — Confirm that the thermostat is set at the right temperature. Check the temperature difference. The thermostat should be set on “auto,” instead of “fan-on,” as the fan will simply blow non-heated air.  

Air Filter — Air filters should be replaced every one to three months as they accumulate lots of dirt and debris.  

Pilot Light — Verify the pilot light of the heating system to confirm whether it’s lit. If not, there might not be gas flowing to it. If the gas valve is off, that could be the issue.  

Fuel — Irrespective of whether you have an electric, gas, or oil heating system, it must have enough juice to run well and will be more useless if it doesn’t. 

Air Ducts — A simple way to check leaky ducts is by turning on your fan and then going up to your crawl space or attic. Walk along your ductwork to feel some blowing air. If you don’t observe anything, you can cautiously light a piece of incense and hold it close to one of the junction points joints to notice if the smoke blows away from the ductwork, establishing a leak. 

  1. The Thermostat Controls Are Dysfunctional 

If you face issues setting the temperature or changing the system controls, your thermostat could be the issue again. If you own a digital thermostat, attempt replacing the batteries. If it doesn’t work, you can again try resetting it to the manufacturer’s settings. 

Check if there’s a tripped circuit. Finally, you can check the wiring again. 

  1. Mold in the Heating System 

Moisture accumulation within your home’s heating system can be a challenge, especially due to low-quality insulation or faulty ductwork. In such a scenario, mould can grow in your heating system. 

Also, it’ll be a good idea to replace your air filters every one to three months and get your air ducts professionally cleaned every few years. 

  1. The Fan of the Heating System Isn’t Functioning 

If your heating system’s fan isn’t functioning, you should first check the thermostat if it’s on the correct setting. Then, check your air filter so that it’s not dirty. Often an extremely dirty air filter can prevent your fan from working. 

Do check whether your circuit breakers are on. If not, switch them on, but refrain from switching them on and off repeatedly as that could lead to an electrical fire. 

  1. High Energy Bills  

Many houses have heat pumps, instead of furnaces, and often energy bills can rise during the winter due to any number of minor issues, including a dirty air filter or tripped breaker. The problem could be due to a damaged compressor or refrigerant leak.  

  1. Lack of Maintenance 

If you don’t regularly maintain your heating system, problems like higher energy bills and premature repairs can arise. Scheduling a professional repair service will eradicate any minor issues before they become major heating system problems


Ensure that everything is in proper running condition before winter. You may require repair or replacement of your heating system if you ignore it.

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