10 Tips for AC Repair and Maintenance

10 Tips for AC Repair and Maintenance

There isn’t any iota of doubt in anybody’s mind that we all wish our air conditioners run longer. If you are also a part of the coterie, aspiring to elongate the life of your equipment while reducing energy costs and AC repair services, then the onus lies exclusively on you to practice preventive maintenance. However, like a proper medical check-up and treatment for yourself, you need to follow the correct troubleshooting methods for your AC too.  

It isn’t at all a major challenge to maintain your HVAC equipment properly. Unnecessarily, you need not require any air conditioning service at all, if you can adopt a bit of tender loving care towards the device that is keeping you comfortable in adverse weather conditions. Interestingly, you will be surprised to know that you need not have to spend exorbitantly on repairs, tune-ups, or any other immoderate HVAC service.  

This article will guide you about the 10 most effective air conditioning repair and maintenance tips to extend the life of both the equipment as well as the system.  

1. Maintain the Cleanliness of the Equipment 

Hopefully, everyone should agree that this is probably the simplest routine to practice regularly. If you are unsure about the process, then initially, rinse off the AC unit. After it dries, vacuum the fins and brush off all residual debris. While you perform this step, apply a soft-bristle brush. If you want the best results, repeat these steps every month for once at least.  

2. Buy a Programmable Thermostat  

It has become mandatory for cutting-edge air conditioner technology. If you wish to save money on energy bills, then only programmable thermostats can assist you in this regard. Rather than altering the dial to minimize the temperature, simply install one of these contemporary solutions and fix your cooling system accordingly to rest at various temperatures during different times of the day.   

3. Replace the Air Filters 

One of the most ignored aspects of HVAC is air filtration. Don’t panic! Relax, as this is normally a quick fix. During the annual maintenance of your AC system, you’ll need to switch off the power of the central unit. Allow the unit to remain inactive for almost half an hour. Later on, clean off the dirt or dust if any. The most important factor to prevent the entire air conditioning replacement is to replace the old filters with clean ones. 

4. The Condensing System Should be Unclogged 

You may neglect the fact that the condenser of your air conditioner can turn out to be a hub of dirt, debris, leaves, and other vicious accumulations. Don’t feel surprised if you come across weeds and vines in this segment of your equipment. Get rid of any clutter. Regularly wipe the blades of the fan, and strengthen the loose bolts or screws, if any. 

5. Check Refrigerant Lines  

Conduct a thorough evaluation of every refrigerant pipe. Confirm that each tube is sufficiently covered with the proper layer of coolant insulation. Unfortunately, if you detect any cracks, holes, or punctures, mark the faulty area well enough. Don’t feel scared as a new insulation sleeve can replace the tube. This can be done by any professional, whom you can find out by searching home AC repair near me. 

6. Employ Whole-House Fans 

Whole-house fans accumulate hot air from the higher locations within the indoors and transform it into a cool but soothing breeze. It would consume only a few minutes for the installation of these fan systems. Simply hang them on top of any door or high-hanging window and begin converting heat into a comfortable airflow.  

7. Apply Blinds on the Windows 

Warm air travels inside your premises quite effortlessly. As you wish to regulate the heat inside your workplace or home, keep a track of your windows. Make sure that they are shut and covered with drapes or blinds, particularly during the most scorching times of the day.  

8. Scrutinize the Insulation  

Insulation can wear down with every passing time. Check all the areas coated by insulation and get rid of all rotted or damaged layers. For being on the safer side, it’s better to hire a trained professional to manage all insulation tasks.  

9. Use a Fin Comb 

As the cage of your air conditioner gradually starts bending effortlessly, you must opt for a fin comb. It is a convenient process to re-align the fins on the condensing unit. A comb is a distinctive tool that functions by being run or scraped across the fins and curving them back into shape. Always wear gloves during this task to prevent any injury.  

10. Wrap the Condenser Properly 

Refrain from covering your condenser with a tarp. It’ll be a fire hazard, even if your equipment remains idle when you are enjoying a vacation. If needed, you may wrap the top of the unit with a weighted piece of plywood.  


As mentioned before, a lot depends on you, how you develop an ideal preventive maintenance program. Always seek professional help from an authentic service provider of AC repair in Riverside, if your air conditioner requires intervention from an expert.

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